DJECO Crazy Animals Magnetics (24 pc)



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Djeco Crazy Animals magnets have wooden tops and shaped magnetic backs. The graphics are applied with a thermal process so they are bonded to the wood with heat. Djeco products use fine artist and illustrators from all over the world to make their products graphically unique.

  • Three magnet characters; each animal is made up of three pieces and can be mixed and matched.
  • 8 different animals.
  • Great graphics that won't scratch off.
  • Box is not magnetic. Consumers can use refrigerators or other metal household surfaces, magnetic white boards or surfaces treated with magnetic latex paint.
  • Box can be used for storage of pieces.
  • MIX AND MATCH IMAGINATIVE GAME - Children will have great fun making silly mismatched animals with the Djeco Crazy Animals set of wooden fridge magnets. Each animal is a three piece puzzle - match the pieces to make the 8 animals shown on the box or mix and match them to create an assortment of crazy animals
  • LEARNING OPPORTUNITY - You can also use the magnets as learning toys, asking your child to match up each animal's three pieces correctly. Djeco's range of wooden magnetic play sets are delightful and children will adore this set of crazy animal magnetics
  • SET INCLUDES 24 PIECES - This Djeco Magnetics set comes with eight different crazy animals (cow, seal, antelope, leopard, wolf, frog, giraffe and crocodile), each with a head piece, torso piece and lower body piece
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL CHILDREN - Djeco wooden magnetics can be stuck to the fridge where they will keep toddlers amused while mum is in the kitchen or they can be used with a magnetic board