Diy Totally Tie Dye Bag Arts & Crafts
Diy Totally Tie Dye Bag Arts & Crafts


DIY Totally Tie Dye Bag

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As seen in our Summer Catalog Kidtivities Insert!

Transform any shirt into a tie-dye masterpiece with the STMT D.I.Y. Tie-Dye set! From rainbow swirls to trendy twists, use the fully-illustrated instructions to learn how to personalize your clothing with dozens of to-dye-for projects! Just find your design, add water, apply dye, set and dry — or put the fabric in the microwave-safe bag to speed up the process! The STMT tie-dye colors work best on 100% cotton and will remain vibrant by following the care tips included. This set is recommended for tie-dye lovers ages 6 and up!