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Clack! Categories Game

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The fast-moving, category-matching, disc-stacking game with a magnetic attraction!
CLACK! Categories has all the fast action that has made CLACK! our top-selling game, and the safe magnetic discs connect with the same satisfying “clack.” But one simple twist makes it ideal for parents and older kids—the extra challenge as they scramble to find images from categories such as food, vehicles, and animals. Players find a match, grab a disc, and use its magnetic clack to build a stack. CLACK! Categories is the game with a magnetic attraction.

• Clack! Categories expands and adds to the smash hit Clack! game.
• Clack! Categories features advanced gameplay and 48 extra discs
• Just 5 rules—start playing in seconds
• Kids (and parents) love magnets—connecting the discs makes a satisfying tactile sensation

Ages 7+, 2-8 players