Big Fun Mega Bounce Xl 100"-Kidding Around NYC


Big Fun Mega Bounce Xl 100"

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BIG FUN: This super-sized ball is a perfect playtime toy for the beach, park, or playground. The rubber ball can be used indoors and outdoors for any-time, anywhere fun that needs a big bouncing ball.
PORTABLE BALL: The playtime ball comes with a small, handy foot pump which can be carried to different places. When deflated, the ball is easy to pack. Take it to the beach or pack it for a vacation.
MATERIAL: the Duncan bouncing ball is made using rubber that offers easy bouncing performance on any terrain. Use of durable materials means more protection against rough handling and the outdoor elements.
PERFORMANCE: Use of thick rubber material with super-grip graphics ensures easy catching and throwing. This bouncing ball is highly responsive and bounces off most surfaces.
SPECIFICATIONS: Available in Blue or Red color, this ball can be inflated to a 100 in. circumference.