Jimu Robot Astrobot Kit-Kidding Around NYC


Jimu Robot Astrobot Kit

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JIMU Robot from Ubtech offers children the opportunity to build different educational robots according to predefined models or simply by using their imagination to create their own robots. All JIMU Robot robots are programmable via smartphone and tablet with a Bluetooth connection. Each child will be able to explore the world of code, programming and robotics to learn STEM while having fun and create movement chains for their robots.

The kit consists of 397 parts, 5 servomotors, 1 infrared sensor, 1 loudspeaker, 2 LED lights, 2 tread strips and 1 main control box to be assembled simply to create 3 models of educational robots to be programmed via smartphone or tablet. The JIMU Robot programming is intuitive and easy to handle thanks to a sliding-drop block system.

Recommended kit for children aged 8+