Mademoiselle Eglantine



  • Mademoiselle Eglantine-Kidding Around NYC
  • Mademoiselle Eglantine-Kidding Around NYC

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Mademoiselle Eglantine is quite the fashionable doll! Dressed in a cream sweater lined with green thread, she is wearing a sparkly tulle skirt and striped jersey leggings.
"Oui, oui, Madedmoiselle!" Join the elegant and fashion-forward Les Parisiennes for an afternoon stroll.
Designed in France using the finest French fabrics and materials.

Age: 1+
Size: 15"
Machine washable at 30°C on wool cycle. No tumble dry.
Material: cotton, polyester, elastane, polyamid

  • 1-2 years
  • 3-5 years
  • 6-8 years
  • 9-12 years
  • Dolls

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