3D Robot Congratulations Greeting Card



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WOODEN GREETING CARD - PLAYDECO Greeting is a unique wooden greeting card designed in Japan that transforms into a robot making it a perfect card to celebrate birthdays and other occasions with fun
LETTERS TURN INTO ROBOT - Each letters on the wooden sheet are die cut and pops out easily to form the robot that can hold your personalized message. No glue or tape needed for assembly.
FLIP THE FACE - Add a small note on the back of the face so after assembly the recipient can display your message by flipping the face!
PICTORIAL INSTRUCTIONS - Package includes wooden sheet that forms the body of the robot and pictorial instruction card for recipients to assemble the robot in less than 10 min
ENVELOPE INCLUDED - Just write your message filled with love on the instruction card and use the included envelope to send it out using postal mail (non-machineable surcharge applies)

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