Where's The Baboon (Hardcover)



  • Where's The Baboon (Hardcover)-Kidding Around NYC
  • Where's The Baboon (Hardcover)-Kidding Around NYC
  • Where's The Baboon (Hardcover)-Kidding Around NYC

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Step right up, fearless readers! Today, in this very book, we will PROVE to you that a snake can hide in a snowflake, that pigs can paint, and that the ones who copy the most are not necessarily cats! Prepare to be AMAZED by the game of hide-n-seek the words play! These tricksters are true experts in the art of camouflage! Written by Michaël Escoffier and illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo.

Michaël Escoffier was born in France in 1970. Raised by a family of triceratops, he discovered his passion for writing and telling stories at a young age. He lives in Lyon with his wife and two children.

Kris Di Giacomo is an American who has lived in France since childhood. She has illustrated over twenty-five books for French publishers, which have been translated into many languages. This is her seventh book with Enchanted Lion Books.

"...a fun way to engage with language and reading in a nontraditional way." ―Jen Wecker, Kiss the Book

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