Ogodisk Mezo



  • Ogodisk Mezo-Kidding Around NYC
  • Ogodisk Mezo-Kidding Around NYC
  • Ogodisk Mezo-Kidding Around NYC

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OgoSport Mezo OgoDisk Set includes two disks that measure 15 inches in diameter and an OgoSoft ball perfect for outdoor or indoor play. Each disk features a large target area for easy bouncing with a thinner handle for smaller hands. The foam and spandex construction of the disk set make it waterproof and perfect for pool and beach play. Our trampoline game is small enough to store and easy to pack. Take this simple 3 piece set with you anywhere you go for some quick family fun! Each hand trampoline is perfect for bouncing balls or water balloons back and forth up to 150 feet. The disks can also be thrown as frisbees to provide a variety of fun activities for the family.
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